About Us

Welcome to Jazz Digital Network

Jazz Digital Network honors and celebrates the great Jazz Musicians of the past and calling attention to today’s outstanding Jazz Musicians and newcomers.

Our mission is to become the Number 1 destination for Jazz concerts, festivals, restaurants, venues, and much more.

Jazz Digital Network is available across all devices, can be shared socially, and opened from anywhere without the need to download an app.

Jazz Digital Network is a subsidiary of Anderson’s Internet Properties Group (AIPG)


About (AIPG)

Growing and Developing Innovative Ideas.

Richard K. Anderson is Founder and President of Anderson’s Internet Properties Group (AIPG) the umbrella company for several emerging media ventures. AIPG provides centralized strategic leadership, operational management and a world-class technology platform for all of the company’s internet properties. The Group is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s digital media strategies.

Our goal is to become a market leader in developing and distributing educational and informational content to current and new platforms.


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